It’s another day here on the stead.  We slept late and are still drinking coffee.  We have been talking about what we have on the agenda for today.

We are felling some trees to make room for a driveway and then process them for next years firewood.

It’s time we run the electrical through the conduit and get it attached to the house.  From there we can run the power to the water heater.  Which means, HOT WATER in a much larger shower.

Then if we have time, we are going to rebuild the water shed, insulate it and then wrap it with tyvek.

I’m hoping we can get this done today and knock off early, it is Friday you know.

Dinner tonight is easy.  I made 16 bean soup last night actually it’s 17 bean soup.  I added a bean and it is yummy!  I just had some for breakfast.  Got to keep my strength up for the hard work ahead today.

Stay tuned.


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