Bob’s Version: Day 16

Day 16

Had intended to go to Kenai Home Depot once again and do it early so that I could get back and get the electrical connected to the house. However, the back hoe guy called and wanted to check out the job for a final estimate which had me standing around until noon when he arrived. I did some little odds and ends work on the house whilst I impatiently waited. Wasn’t going to leave Summer here with no one in earshot, even if she did have her pistol. About 1:00 I got on the road to Kenai. 86 miles of some of the most beautiful country you will ever see. Saw a BIG bull moose just standing beside the road. He knows that the hunting season is over so he was taunting passerby hunters, no doubt.
Home Depot was the usual conundrum. Employees everywhere until I needed some help and then they all magically disappear. Of course, when you do find one they don’t no nuttin’ bout nuttin’ and you get “That’s George’s department. “Where’s George?”, I ask. “I don’t know.” is answer. So I waited about 20 minutes for George to get back from wherever he was. Bought the service entrance wire, a new back door, a new commode for the downstairs bath, a small vanity with sink for downstairs, some 2x4s and a bunch of loose end stuff to complete the plumbing.
Drive home was uneventful except while I was driving 2-3 mph over the speed limit people kept tailgating. One impatient idiot passed me in a ‘no pass zone’. He narrowly missed a head on with an Alaska State Trooper. I was running near 60 and the trooper passed me like I was sitting still. Saw them up the road a few miles. Guy will likely lose his license. For ‘reckless’ driving up here it is an automatic loss of your driver’s license.
Summer and I unloaded the truck when I got home. The damned commode weighs near a ton or so it seems. Loaded twice by myself, once onto the cart and then onto the truck. In the unloading it seemed to have gain an extra hundred pounds. Which brings me to a bit of aggravation. Several Home Depot employees walked past me while I was loading the door, the vanity and the commode into the truck. Not one volunteered to help. I love Lowe’s. You can’t bring a half dozen 2x4s to the counter without someone offering to help. Unfortunately, the nearest Lowe’s is about 200 miles from home.
Homer is a very nice little town, but it appears to be going through Californication as the grocery stores are full of fru fru foods. Shelves full of “organic” foods which are chemically no different from the non-organic. These idiots are bringing their ‘blue state’ politics and silliness to a very nice place. I won’t see the ultimate result of this stupidity but wherever Liberals go they destroy everything. They’ve destroyed the schools, colleges and universities. They’ve destroyed cities i.e. St Louis, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Baltimore and on and on. They’ve destroyed states i.e. Illinois, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan and on and on. Wherever Liberals go society breaks down and chaos reigns.
Tomorrow we get electricity in the house. Probably need to buy insurance before I pull the big switch at the power pole. I’m still having fun so I guess things are okay up here in “The Last Frontier”. That’s on the automobile license plates up here.


One thought on “Bob’s Version: Day 16

  1. You are so right Bob about the liberals who move to Alaska.
    In my 20 years up North I have seen an influx of ‘blue’ state people moving down into Fairbanks and have witnessed over the decades a metamorphosis of that old frontier town with a do it yourself mentality change over to what can I get for free from the government. They also bring along their old lifestyles and demand (by voting) that we change our ways. I often wondered why they even bothered to move if their ways were so great and they lived among like minded people? Their current years long push to outlaw wood stoves is still in full force and next I am sure we will see a push for organic only restaurants….sometimes I wonder why they even moved here if they wanted what they had in the lower 48.

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