Bob’s Version: Day 15

Day 15

Now have some water to the house and a FULLY FUNCTIONING TOILET!!!! Will get the electricity in soon and we’ll have hot water. Yippee!!!
Got a back hoe coming Saturday to bury the water line down 6-7 feet. Spent the day installing PEX piping into the the wall of the bathroom where the water comes into the house.
Going to Kenai tomorrow to get everything I might need to get this project going in the right direction. Need a new door, a bath vanity and some other odds and ends. Need to get the shopping done before the big snow comes.
Tomorrow we get the tires off the bus roof and off to the the tire store to have them studded. That doesn’t mean that we’re expecting baby tires. Studs are the permanent replacement for chains. Got some big mud tires that will be our winter tires. Snow will be here on Thursday, but they say it won’t it won’t last.
Was hoping to get the stove in, however, the guy who was supposed to do it decided he had better things to do. A pretty typical response here in Alaska. I’ll just be doing it myself on Thursday. I need to get a door that closes properly on Wednesday. Tried to hire a lot of things done but everyone is slammed, they say.
Took some pictures that I had to text to myself. You’ll have to interpret them yourself as I have not idea how to caption them.
They are views from the house and some interior pictures.
Can’t tell you how much gaining some of the amenities of the lower 48. A flushing toilet, a hot shower and a warm house are luxuries we have been lacking much of the time. Fifteen days seemed much longer.
Our next door neighbor, Seth, has told us nobody ever sticks in this house. He said he’d buy it when we left. Summer told him that he might as well forget it since the only way she is leaving is in a pine box. His family built the house back in the 80’s and he desperately wants the land as it has a creek and what we thinks is a spring. We’ll know more after the thaw.
A loaded baked potato for dinner was all the food that I ate today. Alaska diet: Work hard, eat less.

5 thoughts on “Bob’s Version: Day 15

  1. hanks for the update on your progress I know what is in front of you seems massive but just remember it is done one step at a time. I moved to Alaska in 1995 and myself and two others bought 80 acres up North near Livengood. We first build two small shacks for shelter and then built a nice home for Rose. The link is for a short video of our efforts at building (remember none of us were ever in construction but that didn’t stop us and when someone can’t be found to do a job for you… just give it a shot you will be surprised that things you never did before come out all right.

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