Bob’s Version: Days 10-13

Days 10-13

Weather has been exceptional. Beautiful sunny days with temperatures in the high 50s except for Day 13 where it was pizzling down rain as I returned from Kenai with another 1200 dollars in homestead repair detritus. This trip was triggered by the realization on Day 11 that all of the copper plumbing had burst in various places. The plan was to repair the copper. “Best laid plans of mice and men” genie had other ideas. Returned all of the copper fittings and pipe and purchased PEX pipe and fittings. Have been very partial to PEX for many years. Bought all the crimping tools back in the 90s. Should have stuck to my preference as it would have saved an entire day of aggravation.
Much of Day 10 was spent getting tools out of the slam packed trailer. It was like one of those puzzles where you have to move the small tiles to get them in alphabetical order or maybe a Rubik’s Cube for idiots. The trip over Canada’s “roads” and then the Tok Hwy in Alaska had shaken the bolts out of the grill shelves so that only one shelve was available to put your plate on. We cooked a couple of thin steaks anyway.
You already know about DAY 11’S discovery. Spent the balance of the day ripping out the copper. Twas a day of further inspections deeper into the plumbing and electric.
DAY 12 Reinstalled the electric panel that once was in the laundry room and now in a bathroom. Will build a door and cover the thing. Started trying to trace circuits with absolutely no good result. Finally, decided that all of the circuits were for the main part of the house and not the bathroom/laundry room. Don’t have a clue where the wiring is for this part of the house. The house is a couple of smaller cabins and an addition melded onto a larger house built later. It is a freaking mess that only a person with a penchant for convoluted problems could sort out. Would someone please phone such a person and have him come by.
Day 13 was spent driving to and from Kenai and in the middle wandering around Home Depot trying to remember what was in my notebook that I laid down in HD and never found. The level of my personal stupidity and carelessness is beyond calculation. 4 hours of wandering and 1200 dollars later I’m off to the house with sheetrock and rain. What could be better.
Stopped at the Mc Donalds and got two Mc Chickens and a large coffee. Was accosted as I was backing out by a scruffy man knocking on my window. I thought he was begging so I rolled it down and handed him one of my sandwiches telling him that he could have half my dinner. A few seconds later I discovered he was just wanting a ride to Soldotna. He didn’t give me my McChicken back. BTW the coffee was lukewarm but better than no coffee at all.

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