Bob’s Version: Day 14

Day 14

I worked on cutting holes in the sheetrock in further exploration of the plumbing and electrical. It is what my Marine Corp brother would have called a “Cluster”. I have yet to find where all of the water comes from when I find where it goes. Plus I found a bunch of electrical connectors hidden under the upstairs floor. They weren’t in boxes they were just wire nutted together. Worse that they couldn’t be accessed or seen under normal circumstances. Can you say “fire hazard” or ‘death trap”? Now I am going to rip the entire upstairs floor up because of the idiocy perpetrated by incredibly stupid people. They were setting themselves up to die. I have no such ambitions.
Later in the day we visit the Alaska DMV it was a joy. We spent from 2:00 until 3:30 waiting to get to the window to attempt to get our driver’s license and register Spike. As it happens half the staff was on vacation. One lady was on vacation. The young woman left to face the onslaught of Monday clients was very cheerful under very difficult conditions. About 5:00 we were, finally, free of the DMV. Both Summer and I fully licensed and Spike with new Alaska tags. Kudos to the Alaska DMV.
Went home and made a vodka to celebrate not drunk driving. Then Summer sliced some ham that she roasted and glazed. A good end to an aggravating day.


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