Some of you know I have been studying for my Alaska drivers license.  Yes, you have to take a test to get an Alaska DL.

This morning I took a shower, fixed my hair and put all the makeup I could find on my face and then Dad and I headed to the DMV.


Quick selfie to show off my gussied up self!

It’s about a 15 minute drive from Fritz Creek to the DMV on Lake Drive. At least I think it’s called Lake Drive.  Oh well, anyhoo we got there at 2pm.  We waited and waited, then at 3:30pm we were served by the nicest woman.  She got us set up to take our test and of course we both passed.   Then when she was doing our paper work she realized that neither Dad nor I had anything proving our residency.  I had to run to the power company and Dad had to run to the bank to get separate proof that we are residents.  We only have one vehicle and we had to take turns using it so we wouldn’t lose our turn.

This patient happy woman started getting my paperwork started with my new DL, voters registration and the tagging of Spike the Ram Bully Dog.  Then, suddenly, Dad enters the building and we were able to finish everything!

The amazing part is the Homer DMV has a magical camera that makes you look GOOD!  My DL pic is better than my selfie.  It’s the best DL pic I have ever taken.  I can’t wait to receive it in the mail!

Being in the DMV is not fun, but this woman was a pleasure to hang out with.

Now we are Alaska residents!  YAY!

UPDATE!  Soon we will no longer be living like gypsies!  We are going to have water and hopefully power installed into the house tomorrow! Soon there after moving in.

Cue that beautiful gypsy footage (photo)!



2 thoughts on “The DMV

  1. Why you gussy!!! Even your Gypsey caravan camping picture looks beautiful. You’re right on the water?? Wow … I hope my dream of driving to Alaska to see all my (almost) expat friends soon becomes a reality!


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