Bob’s Version: Days Five thru Nine

Days Five thru Nine.

Have been running around gathering up trivial stuff like water heater, wood stove, insulation for the water house, water pump and well pressure tanks. Finally, have electricity and water. Been running on the generator to the tune of $20 a day. Been paying $7.50 for a shower and $11 a load to wash $5 to dry. Had a couple of rainy days but the temp has been in the mid to high fifties everyday. The trailer has water and electricity, but the house is yet to be connected. Water will be connected on Day Ten, I hope. Having a real flushing commode will be a luxury we haven’t had for weeks. Trailer commodes are little more than outhouses with water rinse. It just ain’t the same. Same for the refrigerator and stove. You can use them but it ain’t the same.
Had to give away our bear dog named Bear. He kept running off every time he was let out. Most of the time he came home but someone picked him up on the main road and took him to the Animal Control people. He was chipped and had Summer’s phone number on his tag but we found out about it on a neighbor’s Fakebook page. Went down to bail him out and they apologized for not calling and then told us that his chip had not been updated. Summer updated it weeks ago but somehow it didn’t take. Gave him to a nice family with two children and a fenced yard in the city. He’s safer and better off than he would have been here with us. Still was sorry to see him go.
We’ve been eating pretty well, in spite, of the minimalist cooking facilities and limited refrigerator space. I’ve gone from size 40 to about 37 and Summer has lost about 10 pounds. We aren’t snacking and we usually only eat twice a day. It’s the Alaska Diet: Work your ass off and don’t eat.
The view from our house is nothing less than stunning. We can see a couple of glaciers, snow capped peaks and down onto Kachemack Bay. We’re living on a dirt road with Napoleonic tendencies as it calls itself an Avenue. Looks more like a driveway.
Onward to Day Ten.


2 thoughts on “Bob’s Version: Days Five thru Nine

  1. I love your updates. LOVE reading about the house and the steps you’re experiencing to make it what you want. Good news on Bear … this is definitely a great decision and what luck to find a loving family for him!!! Win-win. PLUS, you can see him whenever you want. I had a dog in Colorado who was the same … every time he’d come home he had a nose full of porcupine quills. I became expert on removing them. One day, he just didn’t come home. I’m sure he died doing what he loved (chasing critters in the snow) but still …..


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