Another Day on the Homestead

This morning I took the dogs out to do their business and I saw the most beautiful thing.  The clouds were so low on Katchemak Bay it looked like snow.  Just incredible!


Today, I moved a large load of wood siding that was taken off the house.  You know what part I talking about.  The naked and exposed part?


So in this photo is you look all the way to the right in all that tall grass Taco my Chihuahua found the pile yesterday while we were roaming around in the tall grass.  He just loves frolicking through it and smelling all those new smells.

Taco has started to love on my dad a lot more.  The other night he wanted his Papa to pay attention to him and not to his computer.


Isn’t this cute!

Yesterday, I was invited by my neighbors Tiana and Jen to go to this cool thrift store and a creperie. Girls day!  OMG!  I have never had such a large and yummy savory crepe.  It was such a fun day.  Dad and I did get the wood stove into the house.  Once we got that into the house, I was invited back to my neighbor’s home for moose kabobs.  YUMMY!  My complements to the chef! Thanks Cory!  I couldn’t ask for better neighbors up here.

I also asked Tiana about what kind of berry plants that are growing on my property.


So excited to find out that they are raspberries!  I love raspberries!  I can’t wait to make jam and jellies out of them.  Watch out Spaceballs!  Lone Star isn’t the only one that uses raspberries!

Meanwhile, in Kenai dad is getting more supplies from Home Depot and Walmart.  It’s 6:16 pm here and it’s a little over an hour drive from Homer to Kenai.  He’s gonna be doing it in the dark.  It gets dangerous here at night with moose roaming, fog, and possibly rain.  From Kenai, once you get back into Homer it’s a steep downgrade with sharp turns.  It’s scary in the dark with now street lights and it can be foggy there.  Last time we made the drive home from there it was pitch black, raining and foggy.  It made me want a vodka when we got home.

He will be fine.

Update on moving into the house.  It’s gonna take a little longer to get moved in because we still need to run the water and power into the house and replace the stove vent and put the stove into place.  Hopefully we can do it this week.

All and all I felt like today was a great day!


3 thoughts on “Another Day on the Homestead

  1. Another great story. Do you have screenshots of the house on Zillow (or wherever it was) that you found? I find that just as fascinating as the other wonderful new things that you’re experiencing. Real estate!!! Fixer Uppers!!!!


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