Bob’s Version: Day 10

Day Ten. Got up at 5:30 and left the camp ground and onto the highway. Tire problems seem behind us and all is well with the world. Great hopes for making about 442 miles for the day. What actually happened is tha about 100 miles into the day’s trek the bus stopped running for no apparent reason. This was at 10:00 am. Two ‘mechanics’ spent the next five hours scratching heads and other parts until they found a burnt wire in a connector to the injectors. Finally, at 3:30 we got back on the road and made another 140 miles.
On another note Canada has almost no billboards on their highways, it’s very sad. There isn’t anything to read whilst whizzing down the terrible roads. Apparently it is illegal to have billboards. However, you can park and old 40′ trailer or some other vehicle on private property and attached a huge sign to it. Canada is bizarre. Their hate speech laws are so strict that you are likely in violation by calling your best friend a dip****. Forget racial slurs. Call someone a Mongolian weasel and you’ll likely do life in prison. Canada is a police state. There are cameras everywhere so there is no privacy. These people are prisoners and are either too dumb or too afraid to admit it.

Bob’s Version: Day Nine

Day Nine we get up early in order to be at Walmart at 8 o’clock on the dot. SURPRISE. SURPRISE, Sergeant!!! The damned Walmart Auto Center is closed on Mondays. The camper commode decided to be stopped up and they don’t sell the trailer tires that you can just walk in and buy all over the U.S. We found a local tire dealer that had the tires to put on our rims. Rim 1 the shredded was defective. It had a crack along the weld which let all of the air out resulting in the shredding of the tire. Rim two are problem so we bought two rims and one tire. Took them from 8:30 until about 1:00 to get the tires mounted. Took them back to the trailer still at the campground and put one tire on. That is when Summer discovered tha a tire on the opposite side was flat. Put the new spare on in place of the flat. Called the tire store and had them mount a new tire on a new rim. and took them the flat tire to repair. The upshot of all of this was 4 new rims and two new tires and $560 U.S. After 3 p.m. local we left for Lloydminster (Ever heard of a dumber name for a town?) and arrived about 5:00 at the camp ground. Baked Chicken, roasted small potatoes and garlic bread washed down with solid water, 7up and vodka. We are about 5 miles into Alberta and hope to make British Columbia by tomorrow evening. Hope being the operative word. Most of our ‘opportunities’ were as the result of cheap Chinese rims used by the trailer manufacturer. A cheap horse is hard to ride.

Bob’s Version: Day Eight

Day Eight we left Indian Head and drove to Battleford, SK because there was a Walmart there. Sure enough another tire failed. Sitting on the side of Canada Hwy 16, I decided that since the flat tire had gone down slowly overnight we might could inflate it and get the the Walmart in Battleford. Summer had some of the Green Slime tire repair crap . We poured that into the tire and inflated it with one of our little 12 volt compressors. We limped into Battleford to visit the local Walmart as they sell the tires that fit the trailer. WRONG!!! Walmart Auto Center was closed. Have you ever heard of a Super Walmart anything being closed? Me neither. We were afraid to continue out into the desolate Canadian prairie without a a spare that we spent the night at a public camp ground. We were so tired tired we had a couple of small pizzas and watched a stupid movie, Blades of Glory. A perfect topper for a really crappy day.

Bob’s Version: Day Seven

Day Seven found us trekking through Manitoba where another tire on the trailer (not camper) failed and became shards of rubber and twisted steel cordage. Went to change the tire and realized that I didn’t have a socket for my new 20 volt impact wrench. Took the damned tire off with my trusty rusty 4 way lug wrench. Since this trip began I have used the lug wrench so many times that I really don’t need any sort of upper body workout for a while. Day Seven was a Saturday figured that we’d get a previously flat tire repaired. In rural Canada, most businesses close on Saturday. We couldn’t find anyone to repair the tire. We limped into Indian Head, Saskatchewan with no spare for the trailer and holding our breathe. Of course, everything was closed. These Canadians don’t seem to have the same work ethic as your average American. Anyway the day ended with stir fry, salad and a couple of cocktails.

Bob’s Version: Day Five

Day Five began with a flat tire on the new tires on the new trailer. Got up at 6:30 had coffee, walked the dogs, tidied up the trailer, pulled in the slide outs, took my cooler and walked to the bus to find one of the trailers tires was flat on one side. Bought a 20 volt impact wrench two days ago and today I couldn’t find the damned the damned sockets that fit the lug nuts. Forgot the Seven Ps i.e. Proper Prior Planing Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Changed the tire with my trusty rusty 4 way lug wrench. The new jacks worked out perfectly. A short one to get it high enough to get a tall one in place to get the tire off the ground.

Bob’s Version: Day Four

Been disconnected for almost 3 days due to really lousy WIFI at these RV parks. It’s free but it doesn’t work so you are getting exactly what you paid for. Run all day up various I-?? something and try to catch up on the news and then nothing. Anyway the Alaska Trek continues tonight from Kansas City.
On DAY Three the bus made a loud whooshing noise and the power dropped about 50%. Limped along as few miles while I thought about the options and decided it must have blown a hose on the turbo. Stopped on the side of the highway to have a look and figuring that some Gorilla duct tape might get us on into civilization. Sure enough a hose clamp had failed and a hose was off. The theory that “One is none and two is one” let me replace the heavy duty hose clamp with two medium duty clamps of the same size. Ended the day about 100 miles from St. Louis.
Day Four adventures included stopping in Boonville, Mo., so that I could travel through Canada. Tomorrow’s itinerary will, hopefully, will see us in Summit, SD by tomorrow evening. We seem to have sorted out the kinks in our traveling. What I’ve learned that the governments have hundreds of indoctrinations center euphemistically referred to a s colleges and/or universities. We passed through one Illinois town that had four institutions of ‘higher learning’. It is no wonder that we have so many brain dead young people who think Communism/Socialism is just another equal to Capitalism. They don’t think of right or wrong in the sense that some things are bad and there aren’t. Their penchant of forcing their idea of fairness upon everyone is facist, socialist or communist. They are taught that businesses are there to provide jobs not make a profit. IT’S VERY SAD. Tomorrow is another day or so it seems.

Bob’s Version: Day Two and Three

Day Three Prologue: Got up at 6:30 made coffee and checked out the problem with the truck not supplying power to the right hand stop/turn lights to the RV trailer. Coincidentally the 28′ trailer, I’m pulling behind the bus, is having the same problem. Bought the trailer from USA TRAILERS. It was an CLUSTER. They had the trailer ready except they forgot safety chains. Spent over 2 hours waiting on them to fix their mistake. Got it home and the strike on the side door fell off as the door was opened. Wouldn’t recommend a USA trailer. More to come.

Bob’s Version: Day One

Day one of our Alaska Trek named alaskaorbust. blog. Day one blew out two tires on the travel trailer. Changed one on the side of I-75 the other in an abandoned antique store at the Chula exit of I-75. Purchased a couple of tires at Walmart in Tifton, Ga. Went back to the RV and found that the jacks would not pick it up far enough to get the new tire on. AAA to the rescue. Ended our first day at a PILOT truck stop with no RV hookups. Had to drag out the 5KW diesel generator and hook up so that we could have the important amenities of life i.e. hot water and air conditioning.

We Made It!  Thank you Jesus!

We Made It!  Thank you Jesus!

Okay.  So here is what you missed.  We made it to Homer Monday the 18th of September late afternoon/early evening.  The relief was incredible.  We make our way up Pioneer Ave out of the city limits of Homer and proceed to Fritz Creek to find our new home.  I have been studying the google maps so I could drive straight to it, which we did.  Unfortunately, Bertha the Beast just couldn’t make the last 150-200 yards to the road to the house.  She stalled.  I passed them and made it to the house and tried my best to separate the fifth wheel camper off Spike the Truck but no one was having it.  I cussed, kicked, yelled at the camper to get off the truck, but it didn’t.  

Luckily, our new neighbor Greg happened to be driving by and helped poor Bertha up the hill with my Dad.  

We have no water or power and NO INTERNET at the new house.  I am sitting at an place called the Washboard where Dad and I have wash and dried clothes, taken showers and taking advantage of the internet.

The house has some issues, but we will be taking care of those ASAP.  On the positive side we have some incredible views of the mountains and glaciers.

The other day, Dad and I went to Kenai to go to the Super Walmart and Home Depot.

The Walmart there is so big.  I have never seen anything like it.  They also sell crampons.

As you can see in the first photo, it just keeps going and then the next one was what was behind me.  The process were very similar to the Walmart back in Florida.

The dogs were happy to be out of the car.  The little ones are happy to be in the camper, but Bear wants to run.  We’ve already had to pick him up from the Animal Shelter once already.  He just wants to follow his nose.

All and all, we are here, we are tired due to 4 time zone changes, but we are all safe.