Another Lovely Day on the Homestead

TGIF!  Let me catch ya’ll up.

Tuesday we had our water delivered.  Just water we hadn’t set up anything else for us to be able to use it.

Wednesday we went back to Kenai and purchased our wood burning stove, water heater, plumbing supplies from Home Depot , vodka, a few odds and ends at Fred Meyers and then Walmart.

Yesterday morning I went and had my hair done at Hair by Holly.  I trust hair stylists again.  She did an amazing job and was not grossed out by the state of my hair.  She happily washed it and trimmed it up.  Then later, Dad and I worked on the water house and getting everything piped correctly to move the water and have pressure.  I cut insulation and attached it to the inside walls of the water house and Dad rigged up the electricity, pressure tank, and pump.

Then, I tripped over a log and busted my butt, err, whole body.  I’m bruised, sore and slightly cut up.  Turns out I’m not in my twenties anymore.  Recovery time will be a week with how my bad knee feels, it got the brunt of the fall.

On the bright side, I got my first hot shower since Saturday.  It was wonderful!

Todays goals are to run the water and electricity into the house.  We would like to be moved into our house by the end of this weekend.

Wish us luck!  I am sick of living in the camper!


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