We Made It!  Thank you Jesus!

We Made It!  Thank you Jesus!

Okay.  So here is what you missed.  We made it to Homer Monday the 18th of September late afternoon/early evening.  The relief was incredible.  We make our way up Pioneer Ave out of the city limits of Homer and proceed to Fritz Creek to find our new home.  I have been studying the google maps so I could drive straight to it, which we did.  Unfortunately, Bertha the Beast just couldn’t make the last 150-200 yards to the road to the house.  She stalled.  I passed them and made it to the house and tried my best to separate the fifth wheel camper off Spike the Truck but no one was having it.  I cussed, kicked, yelled at the camper to get off the truck, but it didn’t.  

Luckily, our new neighbor Greg happened to be driving by and helped poor Bertha up the hill with my Dad.  

We have no water or power and NO INTERNET at the new house.  I am sitting at an place called the Washboard where Dad and I have wash and dried clothes, taken showers and taking advantage of the internet.

The house has some issues, but we will be taking care of those ASAP.  On the positive side we have some incredible views of the mountains and glaciers.

The other day, Dad and I went to Kenai to go to the Super Walmart and Home Depot.

The Walmart there is so big.  I have never seen anything like it.  They also sell crampons.

As you can see in the first photo, it just keeps going and then the next one was what was behind me.  The process were very similar to the Walmart back in Florida.

The dogs were happy to be out of the car.  The little ones are happy to be in the camper, but Bear wants to run.  We’ve already had to pick him up from the Animal Shelter once already.  He just wants to follow his nose.

All and all, we are here, we are tired due to 4 time zone changes, but we are all safe.


2 thoughts on “We Made It!  Thank you Jesus!

    • Yes, he followed his nose to far from home and on to East End Road which can be busy. Someone picked hime up and scanned his chip. I decided he needed to go to a home with a fenced in yard and another big dog to play with. I found a great family in Wasilla and so I rehired him. He’s safe and had a playmate the same size as him which makes me happy.


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