Bob’s Version: Homestead – Day Two

Homestead-Day Two

Having gotten onto our property the last evening, we were up early. Sucked down 12 cups of strong coffee and went to inspect our new home. As we anticipated it was a mess. We paid about the cost of the property sans house. The house was/is a bonus, I think. We have a wonderful view of the bay and the glaciers across the bay.
We spent most of the day running around getting the utilities and other services set.
Can’t seem to get the trailer level. Can’t figure out if it is operator problems or that the darned thing keeps sinking further into the mire. They’ve had a very wet summer this year and the yard, such as it is, it a swamp even though we are over 500 feet above sea level. We’re still ‘bus lagged’ and early to bed seems to be a the norm for now.


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