Bob’s Version: Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen-Goofed around and slept in. Didn’t start the Homer Run until nearly 11:00. We didn’t realize how slow the traffic would be down the Kenai Peninsula. Covered the 225 miles by 5:00. It was a crawl not a sprint. It kept pizzling down rain until we were about 30 miles from Homer. Suddenly the sky opened up over Homer and the sun broke though. We entered Homer in the brilliance of the beautiful yellow sun.
For those who thought we were crazy for driving a school bus across half of America and then half of Canada, we stopped in front of the Welcome to Homer sign and took pictures.
Most people will take the path of least resistance to avoid doing the hard things. The problem is, if you never do the hard things you aren’t really prepared for real life. You might as well be dead as you are just marking time until they put you six feet under. I’m 73 in a few days and I don’t want to “go quietly into the good night”. It is my plan to go kicking and screaming. If I can coax a 1996 school bus across 4810 miles mountains, potholes and blown tires, all of you can do things that you think are impossible. When I was 25 years old, A business partner and I were trying to arrange telephone lines between five service station for road service. The telephone guy hooked us up after much effort. I was talking with him about the difficulty of the project. His reply was “The difficult we do today the impossible takes just a little longer”. I’ve taken that as a personal mantra and whatever project I take on is automatically classified as difficult not impossible.
Someone asked me why I moved to Alaska and I replied “Because I could”.
Do remember that everyday the Congress is in session you are losing small bits of your God given freedom in the guise of “doing the right thing” or “doing the fair thing’ or some sort of false equity. All men are equal under the law (except if you happen to be a Clinton) but all men are not equal in ability. Ability is in the hands of God. Equality under the law is in the Constitution of the United States of America and that is the only equality that exists in the world.

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