Bob’s Version: Day Seven

Day Seven found us trekking through Manitoba where another tire on the trailer (not camper) failed and became shards of rubber and twisted steel cordage. Went to change the tire and realized that I didn’t have a socket for my new 20 volt impact wrench. Took the damned tire off with my trusty rusty 4 way lug wrench. Since this trip began I have used the lug wrench so many times that I really don’t need any sort of upper body workout for a while. Day Seven was a Saturday figured that we’d get a previously flat tire repaired. In rural Canada, most businesses close on Saturday. We couldn’t find anyone to repair the tire. We limped into Indian Head, Saskatchewan with no spare for the trailer and holding our breathe. Of course, everything was closed. These Canadians don’t seem to have the same work ethic as your average American. Anyway the day ended with stir fry, salad and a couple of cocktails.


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