Bob’s Version: Day Nine

Day Nine we get up early in order to be at Walmart at 8 o’clock on the dot. SURPRISE. SURPRISE, Sergeant!!! The damned Walmart Auto Center is closed on Mondays. The camper commode decided to be stopped up and they don’t sell the trailer tires that you can just walk in and buy all over the U.S. We found a local tire dealer that had the tires to put on our rims. Rim 1 the shredded was defective. It had a crack along the weld which let all of the air out resulting in the shredding of the tire. Rim two are problem so we bought two rims and one tire. Took them from 8:30 until about 1:00 to get the tires mounted. Took them back to the trailer still at the campground and put one tire on. That is when Summer discovered tha a tire on the opposite side was flat. Put the new spare on in place of the flat. Called the tire store and had them mount a new tire on a new rim. and took them the flat tire to repair. The upshot of all of this was 4 new rims and two new tires and $560 U.S. After 3 p.m. local we left for Lloydminster (Ever heard of a dumber name for a town?) and arrived about 5:00 at the camp ground. Baked Chicken, roasted small potatoes and garlic bread washed down with solid water, 7up and vodka. We are about 5 miles into Alberta and hope to make British Columbia by tomorrow evening. Hope being the operative word. Most of our ‘opportunities’ were as the result of cheap Chinese rims used by the trailer manufacturer. A cheap horse is hard to ride.


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