Bob’s Version: Day Four

Been disconnected for almost 3 days due to really lousy WIFI at these RV parks. It’s free but it doesn’t work so you are getting exactly what you paid for. Run all day up various I-?? something and try to catch up on the news and then nothing. Anyway the Alaska Trek continues tonight from Kansas City.
On DAY Three the bus made a loud whooshing noise and the power dropped about 50%. Limped along as few miles while I thought about the options and decided it must have blown a hose on the turbo. Stopped on the side of the highway to have a look and figuring that some Gorilla duct tape might get us on into civilization. Sure enough a hose clamp had failed and a hose was off. The theory that “One is none and two is one” let me replace the heavy duty hose clamp with two medium duty clamps of the same size. Ended the day about 100 miles from St. Louis.
Day Four adventures included stopping in Boonville, Mo., so that I could travel through Canada. Tomorrow’s itinerary will, hopefully, will see us in Summit, SD by tomorrow evening. We seem to have sorted out the kinks in our traveling. What I’ve learned that the governments have hundreds of indoctrinations center euphemistically referred to a s colleges and/or universities. We passed through one Illinois town that had four institutions of ‘higher learning’. It is no wonder that we have so many brain dead young people who think Communism/Socialism is just another equal to Capitalism. They don’t think of right or wrong in the sense that some things are bad and there aren’t. Their penchant of forcing their idea of fairness upon everyone is facist, socialist or communist. They are taught that businesses are there to provide jobs not make a profit. IT’S VERY SAD. Tomorrow is another day or so it seems.


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