Bob’s Version: Day Eleven

Day Eleven-Cut the day short do some shopping, take some selfies at Mile 0 of the ALCAN highway. Frankly, I don’t see how the ALCAN could be worse than the Canadian roads or for that matter the roads in Missouri, Illinois, N & S Dakota. The saga continues. We had no issues today except the commodes unstops itself and then magically plugs up again. I poured an entire can of Drano down it’s throat. This will either kill the damned thing or unclog what ever is clogged. I’m not a fan of public restrooms. I have assiduously avoided contact with stranger’s bodily fluids for years and this seems a bad time to be exposed to whatever these people have or had.
Bertha the Beast aka School bus has been purring like a kitten all day. Do you know what you find at the top of a Canadian hill? Yep. You guessed it another even bigger hill. Miss Bertha got down to 18 MPH on one of those hills. However, like the beast she is she kept clawing away and got herself over the hump only to find a bigger hump. She climbed them all not with alacrity but with the same determination of the little train that could.
We’re staying at a park that bills itself as Northern Lights RV Park. People seemed nice enough but $3 to wash and $3 to dry seemed a little exorbitant. UNTIL!!! I went into the restroom and found a coin machine for the shower. $1 for 3 minutes. I can barely get the water adjusted and get my hair washed in 3 minutes. I can barely get my hair washed in 3 minutes much less rinsed in 3 minutes, My average shower is closer to 10 minutes. $4 to take a shower? RIDICULOUS!! These are some money grubbing people. Won’t be staying here ever again.
On a lighter note, we had filet mignon and roasted small potatoes for dinner. The four dogs were ecstatic to be freed from the truck, even if it was only to the leash.

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