Short Trip and a Long Way To Alberta

Sorry everyone for not posting everyday;  internet at some of the campsites we have stayed at had really bad wifi.

Let me catch ya’ll up.

We left Indian Head, SK yesterday on our way to Alberta.  We didn’t quite make it.  We made it 291.9 miles in stead of our goal 540 miles.  Due to waking up with a flat and then on the road we blew one out we had to stop in Battleford, SK for the night due to the fact that nothing was open on a Sunday.

Monday, the next morning, we went to Walmart and their tire service center was still not open.  Who is closed on a Sunday and Monday?!  So we went into Walmart and bought thermal underwear and a few things that we needed.  Then I looked up on my phone with the $10 a day plan for international calling and found a tire place that had our size tires.  Turns out the manufacturer that makes the enclosed trailer used really cheap wheels with their tires.  Seems that the wheels cracked and let the air out of the tires.  So much that it completely destroyed one of the tires.

Any who, we get two new tires and go back to the campsite to replace the one that died.  As Dad was putting on the new tire I noticed that another one went flat on the other side of the trailer.  We had to use the other new tire to replace that one.  So at this point we had no spares.  We had to call the tire people and see if they had anymore tires and get two more.  We wasted all day on this, so I called and made a reservation at a campsite 95 miles away just to get us into Alberta.  It worked!  We are a day and a half behind but will try to gain it back tomorrow by trying to drive across Alberta and into British Columbia.

Please send us luck and prayers to keep us safe with no mishaps.


3 thoughts on “Short Trip and a Long Way To Alberta

  1. Sorry to hear about your continuing saga with tires. The same thing happened on my sister’s truck (bad wheels, new tires) so I hope you get it right before too much longer. Safe travels, happy memories.


  2. Never fear on the life’s road you have taken because we indeed are guided in our steps by the will of our Lord. I have made the same drive you are on 8 times and know you will soon see the handiwork of God first hand….


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