Good Bye Lower 48s and Hello Canada!


We drove through South Dakota into north North Dakota about 60 miles from the Manitoba Canadian border.  Where we drove in the Dakotas was really really hilly.  Most of middle America that we drove through was hilly.  I told Dad that I would have never expected Iowa, Missouri, and some of South Dakota to be almost mountainous.

Then, in a blink of an eye it was flat.  Just amazing.

There is also a temperature difference between  North Dakota and Canada.  North Dakota this morning was 49 degrees and a high in the 60s; Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada is 85 degrees.  Had to shed the flannel and jeans and put on a tank top and jeans.


Everyone has been talking and Facebooking me about their terrible experiences crossing the Canadian Border.  It scared me enough that I put my jewelry box in my purse.

Turns out it wasn’t so bad.  Drove up to the kiosk and the questions began.  “May I have your passport?”, said the border patrol.

Me, “I don’t have a passport.”

Border Patrol (BP), “Why not?”

Me, “I had one but it expired back in 2011.”

BP, “Why didn’t you get it renewed?”

Me, “I never thought I would be leaving the country ever again.”

BP, “Why are you traveling here?”

Me’ “I’m moving to Alaska and this is the only way I can get there in such short notice.  There is a hurricane barreling towards my home and instead of riding it out and moving in the spring, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I read you don’t need a passport to come to Canada just a photo ID card and birth certificate.” WINK WINK

BP – “Do you have any guns on you?”

Me – “No.”

BP – “Do you own any guns?”

Me – “Yes.  I do.”

BP – ” What kind go gun is it?”

Me – “It’s a left handed 308 for deer hunting.”

BP – “There’s deer in Florida?”

Me – “Yes.  They are not as big as the ones up here but they taste good.”

BP – “Do you carry gun for protection?”

Me – “Nope.”

BP – “Is it just you in the car?”

Me – “It’s just me and 4 dogs.”

BP – “Are you leaving anything in Canada?”

Me – “I don’t understand the question?”

BP – “Are you leaving anything in Canada?”

Me – “What would I leave in Canada?”

BP – “Okay Ma’am.  You can go through, Welcome to Canada and have a nice morning.”


It’s all been sun flowers and rainbows here in Canada so far on the Trans-Canadian Highway.  Except that it was like riding some crazy version of a roller coaster.

The BP Asked my Dad what, if anything, he was leaving in Canada.  His response was “Tracks”.



4 thoughts on “Good Bye Lower 48s and Hello Canada!

  1. Very surprised you got in without a passport!! Before 9/11 you could travel freely but now even NYS residents who might live 20 feet from the border need a “specialized” driver’s license in lieu of a passport.

    Things are definitely looking up for you.


  2. I hope you don’t have a problem re-entering the US. I drove through the US border in 2016 when I moved to Texas, (yeah stupid on my part), and they didn’t want to look at my drivers license only my passport, I hope you have better luck than I.


    • Me too! My Dad and I never renewed our passports, but we will be doing so once we get home to Homer. One of the major things to do on the old list. Power, Water, Drivers License and passports. MAJOR THING IS WOOD.


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