Best things money can buy!  A diesel generator for those times you can’t hook up to power.  I want to thank my generator for a lovely night with A/C on Sunday at the Pilot Travel Center.  It was a great nights sleep.

We decided to stop at the local Walmart and buy more new tires, 2 hydraulic jacks, spray paint for the wheels all for the camper.  There are four tires total on the camper.  One was replaced by the old spare, and the other one with a new tire.  So, in total we have all new tires and two brand new spares.  So, Dad and I had to jack up the camper yet again and take three tires off.  Walmart service center was rolling out the new ones as we were taking off old ones.  This took a while and put us behind yet again.  Once all new tires were on, we took off.

We made it to Chattanooga without a hitch!  Our lovely campsite at Raccoon Mountain RV Resort is nice.  We are right near the dog play area and we have lighting bugs all over.

The people that work here are so nice and really want to make sure you have a great experience at their park.  They have cave excursions and more! I totally recommend this place for tent campers and RVs of the sort.  Very nice views as well.

If you ever want to come to Chattanooga, TN to see the caves, Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain they are all close to this campground and they are pet friendly to boot!

This morning I woke to 67 degree weather here at the campsite.  So nice! I took the dogs to the play area so they could run around and go to the bathroom without being on leashes.  This morning is so much better than the blistering heat and humidity in Florida.  I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and planning the next leg of the trip.  I am so hoping we make it to our next stop in good time and in one piece.




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