And We Are Off!


We were about 40 miles into Georgia before my camper decided to shred a tire.  Luckily, we were prepared and changed the tire in no time.  The funny part was that I never even new it had blown.  Just didn’t feel it and that my friends is scary.

Well, not just forty miles later did I blow another one!  This time I felt and heard it.  We pulled over and decided we should get some more spare tires than just the two we have.  So we proceed to the nearest Walmart after ejecting the camper.  When we got back and tried to jack the camper up it would not jack high enough for us to install the new tire.  And so, after AAA came by to help change the tire, we decided to take Exit 101 in Cordele, Georgia and stay at a truck stop for the night.  We hooked up our generator to the camper and we are happy as a clam in A/C. Thank God for that generator!  Cold A/C and a hot shower!

So tonight I bid you farewell and tomorrow is an another day.  We should hopefully make some miles tomorrow.

Good night everyone!


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