Slow Moving Progress

Ouch!  My back!  Yup, that’s right folks. My back.  I pulled some muscles in my back which has slowed down my mad moving skills.  Dad and I are just about ready to hit the open road hopefully by Thursday or Friday this week.  It has been one tough beginning to our adventure, but the fun part will soon begin!  Everything has taken just a little bit longer to do and that’s just fine.  Everything happens for a reason and I won’t argue about it.

Things I have gotten to do before I leave:

Hang out with friends a little longer

Eat at some restaurants in town that I love

Play in my favorite river (Suwannee River) this includes swimming and kayaking

Play in my favorite springs

Revamp my triptik a few more times to perfection

See the solar eclipse at 85% here in O’Brien, Fl

Give friends my plants, including a very large amount (12) of aloe vera I grew from a few plants

Figuring out how to live with 4 dogs in my 5th wheel home 🙂

*Enjoying life to the fullest and not care what people think (this is a big one)

So as I sit here this morning watching Bear and Taco wrestle around on the floor while Gandie steals Taco’s food is quite amusing.  I occasionally have to be the referee when they get a little over excited.  I am contemplating what will be next in this great adventure which has already started and yet we have not moved down the road.  I have found that I have a lot of friends that care deeply about me and are like family.  This little neighborhood will always be a slice of heaven and I will always come back.

I want to thank my friends in Suwannee Belle Estates for always being there when I needed you, being a helping hand, always welcoming and just for being my good friends! Ya’ll are wonderful and I will miss all of you!


6 thoughts on “Slow Moving Progress

    • Thank you! I will definitely be enjoying myself on my travels and when I finally get there to Homer. This has been something I have always wanted to do and now it’s happening. I feel so blessed!


  1. I will be following in your ‘footsteps’ and heading back home to Alaska after my lease expires in May 2018. I have driven the journey North 8 times already and once you pass Ft. Nelson on the ALCAN you will have the adventure of a lifetime… have a safe trip and watch out for the bears and snow!


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