Getting Antsy!

There has been something that I haven’t mentioned on my blogs since moving into my 5th wheel camper.  Yes,  I have moved into a 5th wheel camper to prepare my house for selling.


You are not paranoid, if they are really out to get you.  They, being fire ants, are really out to get me.  It seems that they have made a home somewhere in said camper and are making their way into my bed.  In my mind I see these ants frolicking around until they find me in bed and they all say, “GROCERIES!” and then they bite me.  It only seems like its under my arms.  But it’s okay, I will deal with them tomorrow.  I have fire ant killer and I am not afraid to use it.  (evil laugh)  We didn’t find out that the bus was gear bound which is kind of like muscle bound until last Friday.  Dad took it in to have the governor released and found out the governor wasn’t the problem.  Now we are going to be Wednesday before we get the bus back repaired.



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